A Lonely Soul

You pretend to the world that everything’s fine. You paste a smile but deep inside you is a lonely soul.


‘My Lakbay-Aral’

I’ve been to Fontana Leisure Park, Pampanga with my colleagues on November 2006. It was our Lakbay-Aral, a Three Day Live-in Seminar. It was my first time to set foot in the said hotel. We arrived at the place in the evening. We stayed in one of the Villa’s there. Their villa is big enough to accommodate ten persons. It has one master bedroom with four beds and two other rooms with three beds each. We had our dinner and  I roamed around Fontana after.  I made a peek to their Casino and swimming pool.  I’ve met some Japanese and American Nationals there. I’ve seen some celebrities there, too. The next morning, two of my colleagues asked me to go for jogging. We went out of Fontana and went jogging for about one kilometer  without thinking that we’re not familiar with the place. Then we decided it’s time to go back but we can’t find the way back! That’s when we noticed that we went through a deserted road. Thanks to technology! We all have cellphones so we called our boss and asked himto fetch us. Because of our “scapade” we were all late all on the first day of our seminar. From that day on and until the seminar ended, we never went out on our own again. We always go out by groups.

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